Before you create a new investment ensure you have the appropriate Investment Account (Trust Account, Open Account, Etc.) created first.

1. Create an Investment Account by clicking on the Accounts Tab within an Investor profile

2. Click the + New Investment button within an Investor profile

3. Go through the create transaction screens, adding any notes and details as required

  • The system will help confirm suitability based on preset requirements set by the administrator

4. Review the investment summary and click ‘Submit Order’ once ready.

  • The deal is not yet submitted to compliance, you will have access to edit the opportunity -complete a final review and add any additional documents or details.

5. To send the opportunity to compliance for review, click Edit Transaction within the transaction details screen and edit the status of the transaction from ‘In Progress’ to ‘Submit for Approval’ – This will lock the opportunity from any further edits.

Creating a Transaction Video:

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