Clients will have the ability to log into a secure portal to view contact, investment, statement and report details. As you complete creating investor profiles within your system investors will receive account activation emails from

It is very important to ensure that you have an active email for all investors, as this is the method of delivery for all Transaction Confirmations and Client Statements. 

Investors sharing the same email address will be able to link their accounts, this is something the investor will complete using the username and password of the existing account to link to.

The first email from the system will be a link for their Account Activation. This will include setting up their Username and Password. To send this email click Send Activation Email on the top right of their profile.

Review the Confirmation message and then click Yes, Send Activation

Any following communications investors will receive from the system will be for Transaction Confirmations and Client Statements. An email notification will be sent to the client when a statement is available for viewing.

Locating the Send Activation Email button:

  1. Go to the Investor Module

2. Select an Investor

3. Select the Profile tab and you will find the button on the far right hand side.

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