Before you start using the KYP function you will first need to enable it in your Admin Module.

1. Select the Admin tab

2. Select the System Settings tab

3. Select whether you'd like to enable the KYP Module (Yes is the default, and will lock the advisor out of the offering unless granted permission by the admin). Type in the number of months the advisor will have access to the offering before the KYP expires and select whether the advisor may still select offerings they have not been granted permission for.

Utilizing the KYP function:

  1. If the KYP Module is enabled, the KYP Settings tab will appear when selecting an advisor. Select the KYP Settings tab to manually grant access to offerings.

2. To grant access to an offering, toggle the button to "YES" (default is "NO"). Once the toggle has been switched to "YES", the advisor will be able to see the offering but will not be able to sell it until an approval date has been entered. Once an approval date is entered the system will automatically calculate the expiry date based on the settings from the Admin tab.

KYP Video:

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