You can create, keep track of, and store your Know Your Client Documents within your Exempt Edge portal.

  1. Go into the Investor Module and then into the KYC tab. 

2. Select Create First KYC

3. There will be 5 different pages you can fill out.

4. After you’ve completed filling out the KYC, select Back to Active KYC

5. Now you can keep your KYC in edit mode or you can push it to pending. When you push it to pending it becomes locked so no changes can be made. You now have the option to download the document and get it signed or you can unlock it and keep editing. After the client signs the document you can activate your KYC.

6. When you select Activate, you need to first put in the date the client signed the document before continuing.

7. After activated, under the Active KYC section you can add the signed KYC file

Creating a KYC Video:

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