The Dashboard Module is the ‘Home Screen’ in Dealer Edge. Within this module you can see snapshot of various data from the Issuers, Investors, Transaction and Reports modules.


The Issuers Module tracks, stores and provides information on the below for issuers.

-Issuer details
-Investment status
-Current Market Value
-Offering Details
-Securities purchased
-Approved Required Documents
-Pre-set Exemptions 


The Investors Module contains all Investors profile details

-Client contact and KYC information
-Investment accounts
-Client notes
-Client documents
-Securities summary
-Transaction summary
-Statement history and generation 


The Transactions Module allows you to track all incoming and outgoing transactions from start to finish. Selecting a specific transaction will show you a high-level summary of the transaction details with commission breakdown, an investor summary, an activity log and a section to upload any transaction notes or documents to the file. 

You can also review and export any transactional data utilizing the module’s drop-downs to filter your results. 


The Reports Module allows you to create customized reports from the transaction data in your portal. To do this utilize the drop-down filters to create your desired report, you can then review your results and export it into a CSV file. 

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