In order for a form to populate with the correct information it will need to first be formatted using Adobe Acrobat Pro (Or a similar PDF Editor). Using Adobe Acrobat you will be able to indicate which sections need to be filled in. By naming each of these sections using a pre-determined code, the Software will recognize which areas need to be filled in.

The forms will need to be uploaded into “Approved Required Documents” under “Document Control” found within the Offering they apply to.

When working on a transaction you will be able to download each of the required documents and any section that has been coded correctly will automatically populate with the appropriate information. You will still be able to type into fields without a code, they just won't pre-populate. The document can then be re-upload the document into “Transaction Documents”.

This same functionality will also work for "Investor Templates" found within the Admin Module. Once a document is loaded into this screen it will be available in all Investor Profiles under Documents and Notes.

The following codes are recognizable by our system:

Primary Investor (these fields are used for Individual or Corporate Investors) 

Primary Investor Name                                          primary_investor
Primary Investor First Name                                  primary_first_name
Primary Investor Middle Name                             primary_middle_name
Primary Investor Last Name                                  primary_last_name
Suffix (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss)                                        primary_suffix
Marital Status                                                          primary_m_status
Citizenship – Canada/USA                                    primary_citizenship
Citizenship if not Canadian orAmerican               primary_citizenship_other
Phone Number (XXXXXXXXXX)                           primary_phone
Phone Number Formatted (XXX)XXX-XXXX        primary_phone_formatted
Secondary Phone Number (XXXXXXXXXX)        primary_secondary_phone
Secondary Phone Number                                    primary_secondary_phone_formatted
Primary Email                                                          primary_email 


Birthdate (YYYY-MM-DD)                                      primary_birthdate
Birthdate (DD/MM/YYYY)                                      primary_birthday_d/m/Y
Birthdate Day(DD)                                                  primary_birthday_day                  
Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)                                      primary_birthday_m/d/Y
Birthdate Month (MM)                                            primary_birthday_month
Birthdate Month Text (MMM)                                 primary_birthday_month_short_text
Birthdate Month (Text)                                           primary_birthday_month_text
Birthdate Year                                                        primary_birthday_year
Birthdate (YYYY-MM-DD)                                       primary_birthday_Y-m-d 

Address Information   

Full Mailing Address                                          primary_full_mail_address
Mailing Street Address                                      primary_mail_address
Mailing Address Suite Number                         primary_mail_address1
Mailing Address City                                          primary_mail_city
Mailing Address Country                                   primary_mail_country
Mailing Address Postal Code (X1X1X1)              primary_mail_postal
Mailing Address Province (AB)                          primary_mail_province_abb
Mailing Address Province Name                       primary_mail_province_name
Full Physical Address                                         primary_full_physical_address
PhysicalStreet Address                                      primary_physical_address
Physical Address Suite Number                        primary_physical_address1
Physical Address City                                         primary_physical_city
Physical Address Country                                  primary_physical_country
Physical Address Postal Code (X1X1X1)             primary_physical_postal
Physical Address Province (AB)                          primary_physical_province_abb
Physical Address Province Name                      primary_physical_province_name 


Identification Type (Ex. Driver’sLicense)           primary_identification
Identification Expiry (YYYY-MM-DD)                 primary_identification_expiry
Identification Number                                        primary_identification_number
Identification Place of Issue (City)                     primary_identification_place_of_issue
Other ID Information                                          primary_identification_other 

Other Information   

Primary Ages of Dependants                               primary_ages_of_dependants  
Number of Dependants                                        primary_number_of_dependants
Primary Gender                                                     primary_gender
Primary Relationship (Spouse)                             primary_relationship
Primary Tax ID Number (SIN)                                primary_tax_id
BIN Number (Corporate Investor)                        primary_cmp_BIN_number
Primary Company Inc Date (Y-m-d)                      primary_cmp_inc_date_Y-m-d
Primary Company Inc Date (m/d/Y)                      primary_cmp_inc_date_m/d/Y
Primary Company Inc Date (d/m/Y)                      primary_cmp_inc_date_d/m/Y
Primary Company Contact                                    primary_cmp_contact
Primary Company Title                                          primary_cmp_title 

Joint Investor

Joint Investor Name                                               secondary_investor
Joint Investor First Name                                      secondary_first_name
Joint Investor Middle Name                                  secondary_middle_name
Joint Investor Last Name                                       secondary_last_name
Suffix (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss)                                        secondary_suffix
Marital Status                                                          secondary_m_status
Primary Citizenship – Canada/USA                      secondary_citizenship 

Contact Information (Joint Investor)   

Phone Number (XXXXXXXXXX)                     secondary_phone
Phone Number Formatted (XXX)XXX-XXXX  secondary_phone_formatted
Secondary Phone Number (XXXXXXXXXX)  secondary_secondary_phone
Secondary Phone Number Formatted(XXX)  secondary_secondary_phone_formatted
Email                                                                  secondary_email 

Birthdate (Joint Investor)   

Birthdate (YYYY-MM-DD)                                    secondary_birthday_Y-m-d
Birthdate (DD/MM/YYYY)                                    secondary_birthday_d/m/Y
Birthdate Day(DD)                                                secondary_birthday_day
Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)                                    secondary_birthday_m/d/Y
Birthdate Month (MM)                                          secondary_birthday_month
Birthdate Month Text (MMM)                               secondary_birthday_month_short_text
Birthdate Month (Text)                                         secondary_birthday_month_text
Birthdate Year                                                      secondary_birthday_year 

Address Information (Joint Investor)   

Full Mailing Address                                           secondary_full_mail_address
Mailing Street Address                                       secondary_mail_address
Mailing Address Suite Number                          secondary_mail_address1
Mailing Address City                                           secondary_mail_city
Mailing Address Country                                    secondary_mail_country
Mailing Address Postal Code (X1X1X1)               secondary_mail_postal
Mailing Address Province (AB)                           secondary_mail_province_abb
Mailing Address Province Name                        secondary_mail_province_name
Full Physical Address                                          secondary_full_physical_address
Physical Street Address                                      secondary_physical_address
Physical Address Suite Number                         secondary_physical_address1
Physical Address City                                          secondary_physical_city
Physical Address Country                                   secondary_physical_country
Physical Address Postal Code (X1X1X1)              secondary_physical_postal
Physical Address Province (AB)                           secondary_physical_province_abb
Physical Address Province Name                       secondary_physical_province_name Identification (Joint Investor)  
Identification (Ex. Driver’s License)                  secondary_identification
Identification Expiry (YYYY-MM-DD)                secondary_identification_expiry
Identification Number                                       secondary_identification_number
Identification Place of Issue (City)                    secondary_identification_place_of_issue                   

Other Information (Joint Investor) 

Relationship (Spouse)                                           secondary_relationship
Tax ID Number                                                       secondary_tax_id
Gender                                                                   secondary_gender
Secondary BIN Number (Corporate Investor)      secondary_cmp_BIN_number
Secondary Company Inc Date (Y-m-d)                 Secondary_cmp_inc_date_Y-m-d
Secondary Company Inc Date (m/d/Y)                 Secondary_cmp_inc_date_m/d/Y
Secondary Company Inc Date (d/m/Y)                 Secondary_cmp_inc_date_d/m/Y
Secondary Company Contact                               Secondary_cmp_contact
Secondary Company Title                                     Secondary_cmp_title 

Issuer or Dealer Details 

Your Company Name                                              your_company_name
Your Company Address                                          your_company_address
Your Company Suite Number                                 your_company_address1
Your Company City                                                  your_company_city
Your Company Country                                           your_company_country
Your Company Postal Code (X1X1X1)                      your_company_postal
Your Company Province (AB)                                  your_company_province
Your Company Province Name                               your_company_province_name 

Employment Information - Primary Investor 

Occupation                                                                primary_occupation
Number of Years Employed                                     primary_years_employed  
Employer                                                                   primary_employer
Employer Address                                                    primary_employer_address
Employer Address Suite Number                            primary_employer_address1
Employer City                                                            primary_employer_city
Employer Province                                                    primary_employer_province
Employer Postal Code (X1X1X1)                                primary_employer_postal
Employer Country                                                      primary_employer_country 

Employment Information - Joint Investor 

Occupation                                                                 secondary_occupation
Number of Years Employed                                      secondary_years_employed
Employer                                                                    secondary_employer
Employer Address                                                     secondary_employer_address
Employer City                                                             secondary_employer_city
Employer Province                                                     secondary_employer_province
Employer Postal Code (X1X1X1)                                 secondary_employer_postal
Employer Country                                                      secondary_employer_country 


Account Owners                                                        account_owners  
(Will list both namesif it’s a joint account)
Account Type                                                             account_type
Account Number                                                        account_number
Account Trust Company                                            account_trust_company
Trust Company Type (Olympia – RRSP)                   account_trust_company_type
Account Description                                                  account_description
Responsible + Description + Account Number =     account_trust_info
Account Registration Name                                       account_registration_name
Account Registration Account Reference                 account_registration
Account Registration Address                                   account_registration_address
Account Registration Phone Number                        account_registration_phone
Account Delivery Name                                              account_delivery_name
Account Delivery Account Reference                        account_delivery
Account Delivery Address                                          account_delivery_address
Account Delivery Phone Number                              account_delivery_phone


EMD Name                                                                   emd_name
EMD Address                                                               emd_address
EMD Address 1                                                             emd_address_1
EMD City                                                                       emd_city
EMD Postal Code                                                         emd_postal
EMD Phone Number                                                    emd_phone
EMD Province                                                               emd_province
EMD Country                                                                emd_country

Advisor Name                                                              advisor_name  
Advisor Email                                                               advisor_email
Advisor Phone (XXXXXXXXXX)                                 advisor_phone 

Issuer Offering details from the Transaction 

Issue Name                                                                 issue_name
Issue Contact Name                                                   issue_contact_name
Issue Contact Email                                                    issue_contact_email
Issue Street Address                                                  issue_address
Issue Street Address Suite Number                          issue_address1
Issue City                                                                     issue_city
Issue Contact Country                                                issue_country
Issue Postal Code (X1X1X1)                                         issue_postal
Issue Province                                                             issue_province 


Offering Name                                                              offering_name
Offering Unit Name                                                      offering_unit_name
Offering Security Type                                                 offering_security_type
Offering Annual Yield                                                  offering_annual_yield
Offering Cost Per Unit                                                 offering_cost_per_unit 


Transaction Total Investment                                        tran_total_investment
Transaction Admin Percentage                                    tran_admin_percent
Transaction Commission Percentage                           tran_commission_percent              Transaction Cost Per Unit                                             tran_cost_per_unit
Transaction Cost Per Unit not Rounded                       tran_cost_per_unit_no_round
Transaction Currency (CAD/USD)                                 tran_currency
Requested Date                                                             tran_date
Requested Date (DD)                                                     tran_date_day
Requested Date (MM)                                                    tran_date_month
Request Date (YYYY)                                                     tran_date_year      
Settlement Date                                                             trade_date
Settlement Date (DD)                                                    trade_date_day
Settlement Date (MM)                                                    trade_date_month
Settlement Date (YYYY)                                                 trade_date_year
Transaction Dealer Role                                                 tran_dealer_role
Transaction Number                                                       tran_num
Transaction Total CommissionPercentage                   tran_total_commission_percent
Transaction Units                                                            tran_units
Commission paid to DR                                                  tran_dr_commission
Commission % for DR                                                     tran_dr_commission_percent
Commission for admin on transaction                          tran_total_commission_admin  Commission for the emd                                               tran_total_commission_emd
Total Commission                                                           total_commission 


Certificate Number                                                      certificate_number
Full Certificate (including prefix & suffix)                    certificate_full
Certificate Units                                                           certificate_units
Certificate Active Date                                                certificate_active_date
Certificate Active Date Formatted                              certificate_active_date_formatted
Certificate Active Date  (DD)                                       certificate_active_date_day
Certificate Active Date (MM)                                       certificate_active_date_month
Certificate Active Date (YYYY)                                    certificate_active_date_year
Certificate Historic Date                                              certificate_historic_date
Certificate Historic Date Formatted                           certificate_historic_date_formatted
Certificate Historic Date (DD)                                      certificate_historic_date_day
Certificate Historic Date (MM)                                     certificate_historic_date_month
Certificate Historic Date (YYYY)                                  certificate_historic_date_year
Certificate Retired Date                                               certificate_retired_date
Certificate Retired Date (DD)                                       certificate_retired_date_day
Certificate Retired Date (MM)                                      certificate_retired_date_month
Certificate Retired Date (YYYY)                                  certificate_retired_date_year
Certificate Owner                                                         certificate_owner
Certificate Owner Type                                               certificate_owner_type

Global Share Certificate

Certificate Number                                                       certificate_no
Total Number of Shares                                               total_no_of_shares
Certificate Active Date                                                 active_date
Offering/Issuer                                                              offering_issuer
Trust Company/Bank                                                    trust_company_name

Digital Signature (You can do this in White) 

Signee (Required)                                                               [sig|req|signer1]
Joint Signee (Required)                                                      [sig|req|signer2]
Initials (Required)                                                                 [initial|req|signer1]
Initials (Not Required)                                                          [initial|noreq|signer1]
Date                                                                                      [date|req|signer1] 

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