Depending on the type (Buy, Sell, DRIP, Income) transactions can be created two different ways, Individually or in a Batch.


Adding a single transaction can be done through the Investor module. *Buy transactions can only be done individually.*

1. Search for OR add the investor (For information on creating an investor please refer to Create an Investor- Dealer Edge guide).

2.  Add any Trust or Open Accounts as required. They need to have an active account in order to create a transaction. If they don't have an account, set one up under the Accounts tab and then create the transaction (Please refer to Create an Account- Dealer guide).

3. Click New Investment completing all required fields.

 4. Confirm the Status of Transaction is set to the correct option and then proceed to         save and submit.

You are also able to create different types of transactions like Sale of Securities, Redemption of Securities, Dividend Reinvestment, Income, Return of Capital, Trailer, Account Fee etc. by going to an investors Overview page.

  1. Scroll down to Securities Held by Investor.

2. Next select the '+' icon to create a new transaction (the arrow Icons are for transferring from one Account to another).

Next select your type of transaction and follow the steps to complete.


Adding multiple transactions for a Distribution, Sale, DRIP, or Trailer Fee can be done through the Transaction module.

1. Click Create Batch Securities.

2. Select Create New Batch

3.  Filter and update the required transaction drop downs and fields. and then Select Next Step.

4. Now verify your information and your totals are correct. Select which investors you would like to select for the batch by turning the Import toggles to YES or you can press Select All.

5. When it is ready press Start Batch Process at the top of your page. This will run your batch. You are able to go back and review.

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