EdgeLink gives you the ability to seamlessly exchange information. The first step in creating a connection starts with the EdgeLink number that each Dealer and Issuer are assigned. 


  1. Login to your Exempt Edge portal and go to your EdgeLink Module on the left-hand side menu.

     2. Select the EdgeLink tab and then the Initiate New Connection button.

    3. Enter in the desired company’s EdgeLink number and initiate the connection.

    4. The request will then be sent out to the Dealer. At this point, you are able to               choose your Dealer reference and attach offerings to the connection.

You will receive a notification informing you whether the Dealer has accepted or declined your EdgeLink request. You will be able to begin processing transactions and sharing information once the Dealer accepts your request. 

You have the ability to terminate a connection at any time. Once a connection is severed, any data shared through EdgeLink will remain, but no new data will be shared.

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