After you have made a connection it is now time to start sharing information! 

  1. First, create a new transaction (see Creating Transactions- Dealer guide for reference).

2. When creating a new transaction, the offerings that are connected by EdgeLink will have the EdgeLink logo next to them. If there is no logo next to the offering your Issuer will not receive the transaction via EdgeLink.

3. The Dealer can keep the transaction in In Progress and add Documents and Notes to the transaction before submitting it. Once complete, the Dealer will edit the transaction and change the status to Approve to Issuer which will lock and submit the transaction for approval.

 4. The issuer can either Reject, Return or Accept the transaction.
The transaction is sent back to the Dealer and the Dealer needs to cancel it and inform the client that the transaction was not approved.
The transaction is sent back to the Dealer and the necessary corrections need to be made before proceeding.
The transaction is approved and sent back, and the Dealer can now proceed.

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