Hello Sign Is a feature found in the Investor profile of Exempt Edge that allows Investors to sign documents digitally.

  1. To do this, start by going into the Investor Module. 

2. Select an Investor.

3. Go into the Documents & Notes Tab.

4. Click on the Drop files here to upload box under the Investor Documents section.

5. Select a PDF file that you have already made fillable with Adobe or a similar tool. Please also refer to the Fillable Forms guide.

6. Before you press upload make sure the Electronic Signature Required? Is set to Yes. Then you can press the Upload button.

7. You will now see a Sign box beside the uploaded document. After you select it, you will have a few questions to answer before you press Continue

(Please note there will be a $3.00 charge for each document.)

8. This will now launch the Hello Sign feature which will populate the document and allow you to sign digitally if the investor is with you, or this will email the document to the Investor depending on which option you selected.

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