EdgeLink has multiple tools that make sharing information quick and easy. The types of information that are relayed to your connected EMDs are listed below:

  • Issuer information (company name, address, etc.)
  • Offering information (name, PPU, etc)
  • Transactional data (purchases, distributions, etc.)
  • Documents
  • CMV data

As an Issuer, you can specify which information you'd like to share and which Offerings you'd like to connect with each EMD.


You have two tabs within your EdgeLink module:

  1.  Pending Transactions tab - this shows all theTransactions submitted by your connected EMDs that need review, as well as your Activity log.
  2. EdgeLink tab - this shows all of your EdgeLink connected transactions and gives you the ability to initiate a new connection. You can also disconnect an existing connection at anytime.

*please note that your EdgeLink number is on the top right-hand corner of the EdgeLink tab*

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